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Jurassic Folk & Jam. 17th May ’17

Jurassic Folk on Wednesday May 17th 2017 at Eyre Court!! How nice to see so many smiling, friendly faces!

June & Andrew

June was in charge tonight, and she got great pleasure from telling everybody so….yes Miss, we will behave ourselves!!

1 – June and Andrew, aka. the Amycrofters kicked off the evening with a song which they had at their wedding, ‘Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry!’ a very unusual song for a wedding, but we all joined in and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! this was followed by a very musical medley of ‘Alabama Jubilee, Robert E. Lee, Steamboat Bill and Nutting Girl’ The mood for the evening was well and truly set!

Dave & Val.

2 – Dave and Val came next, she was very pleased not to be in charge tonight!!! They started off with a song which they hadn’t done for years called ‘The Man In The Moon’, not sure who wrote it, as there are quite a few songs about the man in/on the moon! Sorry! Their second song however, was very personal and was a song which they had written after 911, when they lost a young relative called Laura, who was quite simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was so beautiful and so emotional, with such lovely harmonies too…”. I never thought that you’d be taken by hateful men we never knew….sit here a while, and share a friendship, share a thought, a touch, a kiss, These are the memories I will treasure, these are the thoughts I will miss!….absolutely beautiful sentiments, there wasn’t a dry eye in the Eyre Court!


3 – Doreen was our next soloist, and it was lovely to hear her beautiful soprano voice again. she started off with ‘Love Is A Many Splendored Thing’, not an easy song to sing but she nailed it!!! A very famous song from the 1955 film of the same name set in Hong Kong! Wow! Next she sang an equally famous song made famous by the Righteous Brothers in the sixties – ‘Unchained Melody’. We were all mesmerized by her performance and Pam had a lot of fun providing the piano accompaniment!

Mike, Annie, Gerry & Adrian

4 – Annie and husband Gerry, together with Mike and Adrian had to follow that, and they did! Their first song was ‘The Bridal Train’ written by Vikki Thorn of the folk-rock band The Waifs.,who are very popular in Australia. Vikki’s grandmother was a war bride and her husband was sent back home after the second world war. Eventually the US navy chartered a train to take the war brides to Sydney then eventually to the USA. A very moving song really enhanced by Adrian’s gorgeous mandolin playing! Their second song couldn’t have been more different. An Al Jolson song from 1916, ‘What Did Robinson Crusoe Do With Friday On A Saturday Night?’. That got us all going and this time Adrian played his trusty ukulele!


5 – Anita changed the mood yet again with a fabulously funny reading about English plurals. she really got us thinking about how difficult our language is for foreigners to learn….if the plural of goose is geese, why isn’t the plural of mouse – meese…Amazing, well done Anita! Next she sang th e’Sky Boat Song’, accompanied by Pam on keyboard, what an absolutely gorgeous rendition!

Sue & Rob.
Sounds Eclectic.

6 – Rob & Sue, otherwise known as Sounds Eclectic, came next. They were visiting from Cornwall, somewhere between Helston and Penzance, and what a very welcome contribution they made to our evening. Rob played guitar and Sue played a fretless bass solid body ukulele…what a wonderful instrument. Apparently she normally plays the double bass but that was too big to bring!!! Their first song was ‘Under African Skies’ by Paul Simon… This is the story of how we began to remember,. This is the powerful pulse of love in the vein.
A very powerful and poignant song, which they performed brilliantly, their harmonies were beautiful. After that they gave us one of their own which they had written about their experiences as Therapeutic foster parents. It told the story of a little girl who they had fostered from 2 days until she was one year old. A very sad tale about “Never turn syndrome”… this was so moving. The little girl is now 12 years old, and has been adopted but they ask “Where are you going? Can we come with you for a while? This was a very personal song, from the heart, called ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ and their harmonies were sooooooooooooo good! Please come back and see us again.


7 – Peter Arnold played and sang yet another new song! It was called ‘Let’s Do It’, not the Victoria Wood song, but a song written by Cole Parter in 1928, ‘Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall In Love!.
It was hilarious!….Chimpanzees in the zoo do it,…..even kangaroos do it…and my favourite one-even little cuckoos in their clocks do it, let’s do it, let’s fall in love! We were all doing it, and killing ourselves laughing!!!! Well done Peter, more please!!! His second song was Lead Belly’s version of ‘Goodnight Irene’, which we were all able to join in with…. Peter of course made the song supremely his own and very local!… Gonna jump in the River Axe and drown!


8 – Pam had to follow that! She started off with the very well known tale of ‘Daisy Daisy’ and the bicycle made for two. Her version had a second verse which told Henry in no uncertain terms that “If you can’t afford the carriage, forget about the marriage, I won’t be crammed, I won’t be jammed on a bicycle made for two. Next the Beach Boy’s well known song ‘The Sloop John B’, again everyone knew it, and everyone joined in!


9 – Chris from Sussex then gave us a very powerful song, Cyril Tawney’s ‘The Grey Funnel Line – the song has some very memorable lines, in particular – I wish I had St Peter’s youth! following this with something completely different, Bob Dylan’s ‘Rock Me’ which we were all able to join in with and we did!! Chris had his sister sitting next to him who we believe is a very good story teller. She declined to tell us a story. What a shame. Still we hope that next time she will.


10 – Our own Simone was next with two songs she had written herself about an American artist, Margaret Muller,  studying at the Slade School of art in London who was stabbed to death in Victoria park in February 2003 whilst jogging, and whose murder has never been solved. The first song was composed for Kevin, the dead woman’s fiancee, and the second one was composed on behalf of Margaret for Kevin…. So sorry, Little Mister, I missed our wedding day. Very moving, very poetic songs Simone, performed with great feeling.


11 – Steve Mills’ first song was ‘The Old Laughing Lady’ by Neil Young, from his first album recorded in 1969. A sad song which cleverly tells you about “the old laughing lady” without revealing who or what she is, leaving the listener to work it out themselves from the clues given. She is in fact another expression for chronic alcoholism and death. Another Neil Young song came next, ‘Motor City’ recorded in 1981. An amusing song about the decline of the car manufacturing industry in Detroit, Michigan, USA,,,eventually becoming Ghost City.

12 – Doreen and Pam brought the first half to an end with their rendition of Loch Lomond…. Well,. It was the tune of Loch Lomond, but the words were all about Doreen singing the High Notes, and Pam singing the Low Notes, cos they like singing together, = very amusing and it was lovely to see our Doreen laughing again after her recent sad bereavement.


1 – Mike kicked off the second half with a Jackson Browne song – ‘These Days’ Well I’ve been out walking, I don’t do that much talking, these days, these days. These days I seem to think a lot! Lovely Mike

2 – Rob and Sue followed with a number on the fretless bass and guitar and their beautiful harmonies again. It was ‘Mother Land’ written by Natalie Merchant, which they first heard performed by Christy Moore. Awesome performance once again!

3 – Adrian was next with a song that makes people cry, ~Tony Barrett’s ‘Special Day’. How lovely was that!

4 – Dave and Val sang a song next called ‘Empty Chairs’ by Don Mclean. Again really lovely.

5 –Anita followed with a fascinating capella version of ‘The Jute Mill’ worker, by Mary Brookband, set in Dundee. How times have changed!

6 –  Steve Mills then sang a singalong song about being on the highway with a heavy load, ‘Get Back On It Again’ by Neil Young!

7 – Annie gave us yet another beautiful song, accompanying herself on her Appalachian Dulcimer, ‘I Am A Very Weary And A Lonesome Traveller’.

8 – Simone with ‘All That I Know’. Well done to you Simone.

9 – Pam asked ‘What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?’. Everyone joined in and we all knew just what we would do with the drunken sailor.

10 – Andrew and June finished off the night with a very lively medley. Andrew was leading on his accordion. He is so good at it. June was on her banjolele and we were all joining in with our instruments, shakers or banging on the tables. The medley they did started off with ‘My Love She’s But A Lassie’, the standard tune for the dance of Cumberland Square Eight. They followed this with ‘Bobby Shaftoe’ and Cock Of The North’

And so endeth Pam’s version of what happened the other night. It is very informative and I (June) for one have enjoyed reading it. A major thank you to Pam.
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Group Photo.

A lovely smile.

Jolly & Peter.

Chris & Steve.

3x Lovely Ladies.

Sue & Rob.


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