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Jurassic Folk & Jam. 7th June ’17.

Thanks to Mike for leading the night, to Pam for doing the fantastic write up, and Gerry for the photos. Jurassic Folk & Jam is all about music team work. We are sorry we had to miss it. June.

Here is Pam’s write up of Wednesday June 7th, 2017, Jurassic Folk at the Eyre Court in Seaton.
Unfortunately June and Andrew couldn’t be with us this week because of other commitments…..how we missed them!
However Mike was our MC for the evening and welcomed us to to the club with his impression of an airline stewardess, doors to windows!

Mike & Adrian.

1 – Adrian started us off with a Steve Earl song, I lost my heart to a Galway Girl, accompanying himself on his amazing mandolin – what a beautiful sound that instrument has!!!!, and Mike of course joined in with his trusty guitar! We were up and running! Their next rendition was Lucille, a very well known country song by Kenny Rogers, again we all joined in and what a wonderful pause we had before the chorus!


2 – Doreen, our incredible soprano was next with two very well known Rogers and Hammerstein songs from the musicals….. Bali Hai and Some Enchanted Evening. How does she reach those HIGH notes so beautifully?  We were all awestruck to hear her. As Pam her pianist said, she is coming along nicely and should sound very good when she grows up! Well done Doreen, keep them coming, you are a credit to the human race!!!! She doesn’t want anyone to know her age, typical lady! – but let’s just say she will be a nonagenarian on her next birthday! Amazing!!


3 – Concertina Steve had to follow that!…and he did! His first song was from World War One,-  “Spare a thought for Tommy’s Lot.” Such poignant words and it was a pleasure to hear the concertina played properly! He followed this with a song which is not so much saucy, more cautionary, about a “little ball of yarn” – yet another euphemism for a French letter! It starts off – “In the month of May…..” and he apologised that it was June, as he had meant to sing it last month but couldn’t come! Never mind, it was just as enjoyable in June! “The blackbird and the thrush,They sung out from every bush, Keep your hands upon your little ball of yarn!” Excellent!


4 – Our very talented Mr Peter Arnold was next, first of all reminding us all of the up coming Sidmouth Folk Festival, put it in your diary folks”! Peter’s first song was “Zoom Zoom”. He didn’t want to be sexist and said it could be about either a little boy or girl. The essence of the song is that a child doesn’t need expensive toys, just their imagination….how true!! There were some lovely sentiments…….He’s a boat, he’s a train, he’s an aeroplane…….even the Lone Ranger made an appearance! Very enjoyable and thought provoking! His next song, Nottingham Girl was more a lust song than a love song! Peter said he didn’t think he had performed this song before, but we didn’t believe him! The essence of the song was “Nottingham Girl spend your life with me!” KD was the Kardomah cafe where all the layabouts hung around, and …..the Wilton’s head where I earn my bread…… yet another song which was new to us all, but it felt as if we had known it forever! You are an inspiration Peter!


5 – Steve Mills then performed a traditional folk song originally from Scotland…..”Black is the colour of my true love’s hair”. Again another song which we all knew and were able to join in with. Steve did the Christy Moore version of the song. He followed this with “The Sloop John B”, another traditional song, this time from the Bahamas, made famous by the Beach Boys. Again we all knew it, and we all joined in! And Steve added his own little bit about ……”the ship cook finishing up his chicken jerk curry!”…..Yes!!! Keep them coming Steve!


6 – Pam was next, saying that she couldn’t believe that the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band album was 50 years old this week, so just HAD to play a song from it! She chose “When I’m 64″….in G…..and everyone knew it, and everyone played and sang along, and we all marvelled that back in 1967, 64 was so old and laughable, and now we all agree it’s so young!!! Long live the Beatles!

A NOTE FROM JUNE. Pam has said so little about her performance. She is a very talented lady, who plays in the very posh hotels of Sidmouth. She has played all over the country, entertaining many hundreds of folk, and we are very lucky to have her join us. Thank you Pam.


7 – Nick and his guitar then played a very well known Paul Simon song….”Me and Julio down by the old school yard”….. again one of those songs which we couldn’t help joining in with wherever we could! He followed this with a Joni Mitchell song…..”Big Yellow Taxi”….they paved Paradise and put up a parking lot….again, we couldn’t help but join in, and the last line was very memorable with falsetto and bass notes! More please Nick!


8 – Then it was Simone‘s turn, first of all she blew bubbles all over us, with a bubble machine that looked just like a recorder!!!! Great fun!…. and Adrian then gave her a couple more recorders which he said had been hanging around at home for ever! Then came the serious stuff……Simone started her performance with a self-penned song about domestic violence…….this turned out to be a very personal song about Simone herself…….very moving. “Why is my heart so sore?….Tell me kind Monsewer (Monsieur)……Why is it me you hate?” …..A Most illuminating song which we all look forward to hearing again. Well done Simone. She then finished her set with another of her songs on recorder, “Sail with me” which we have heard many times, but it is always played with such feeling! Simone you are a one off!!!!!…..but we love you!!!

9 – Adrian’s turn again, this time on guitar. He started off with a John Prine number,…”the Speed of the Sound of Loneliness”… in C….again one of those songs which we all knew, and couldn’t help joining in with, it was so lovely and gentle!
Next a song by the Scottish Folk/Rock Band, RUNRIG. – Every river! – What a fabulous song!


 Every river I try to climb you ask me to believe in magic……expect me to commit suicide of the heart…………….Every hill I try to climb….Every ocean I try to swim….Every road I try to find…..OH ways of my life….I’d rather be with you….There’s no way without you. Again one of those songs which we just all joined in with! Wow!!!


10 Birthday girl Annie was late arriving tonight,(note from Mummy please!) but she  was next with a couple of very well known songs which we all enjoyed and joined in with! The first was Bette Midler’s “The wind beneath my wings” – avid watchers of Friends will know that the cafe – Beaches cafe is now called Friends cafe! She followed this with a Peter, Paul and Mary song from the 60’s – the very evocative song, “If you miss the train I’m on, You will know that I have gone, You can hear the whistle blow 100 miles” – oh yes!!!! – how we all appreciated that song! Thank you Annie, what beautiful soul-wrenching songs!


11 – Another Newbie – Amrik Singh – Welcome! Apparently Amrik has been before, but we hope he becomes a regular. His first song was a Pentangle number which he sang A Cappella, but he had the words on a tablet!!! Very 21st century Amrik! The song was called “Cruel Sister” and it was very mournful and thought provoking,  and before long, we were all joining in with the la las at the end of every verse. ….in the end, the harp began to play alone!!!! WOW – a very tingly, spine chilling song! More please Amrik!!! We hope to see you next time. Remember we meet on the first and third Wednesday of every month, except August!

12 – Doreen brought the first half to an end with “Carolina in the morning”, a song made famous by Al Jolson, but also sung by the likes of Dean Martin and Judy Garland! The old ones are the best! We all knew it and we all joined in, and so endeth the first half!!!
Mike rang the bell and started us off on what turned out to be a really satisfying Jam session!..
1 – Mike led us in “Singing the Blues”, but we didn’t sound very blue! We were in C and loving it!

2 – Pam followed that with “Ilkley Moor Ba’ta’at…..Ilkley Moor without a hat on! A very humorous song ending up with “Then we shall all have eaten thee!”- no vegetarians here tonight then!

3 – Birthday girl Annie‘s turn next, which of course had to start off with “Happy Birthday to you”! She then led us with “There’s music in the air” – it sounded so melodic, absolutely lovely choice!
4 – Amrik was next with what he introduced as a Meatloaf classic – “Bridge over Troubled Water” — I know it best by Simon and Garfunkel!
5 – Squeeze box Steve led us with a John Conolly song – “Fiddler’s Green”. Dress me up in my oilskins and blankets,…No more on the docks I’ll be seen……Just tell my old shipmates, I’m taking a trip mates,….And I’ll see you someday on Fiddler’s Green! Yes!!! What a song!!!
6 – Checked shirt Stevie came next!!! He led us with a Flanagan and Allen song, Run Rabbit Run – and it did!!
7 – Adrian followed that with a Thomas Baker-Knight song made famous by Ricky Nelson in 1959 – no problem – we were all there!
There’ll never be anyone else but you for me! What a lovely well remembered song for us all to join in with!!!
8 – Nick led us with “Wild Rover”, again another song which we were all able to join in with, even managing the drum beats!!!…… and it’s no, nae, never, #### no nae never no more, will we play the wild rover, no never, no more!
9 – Simone came next with “My Grandfather’s clock”, which we all knew very well, putting in lots of percussion sounds!!!
10 – Mike and Adrian followed that with probably John Denver’s most famous creation which we just had to play because it was Annie’s –
birthday,  – “Annie’s song” – We loved it! and had a lovely “Jam”.
11 – Annie had to follow that! Her choice was the Mingulay Boat song, a traditional Scottish folk song, made famous by the Corries – Wonderful, – We didn’t know all the words but we certainly all knew the tune, and were able to hum and strum along! What a good choice Annie – Happy Birthday to you from us all!!!
12 – Squeeze Box Steve then took us to Wales, for “Swansea Town”, very much like the Holy Grail, again all very familiar so we were all able to join in! This is what Jurassic Jam is all about folks!
13 – Coincidence – Simone was next and she is going to Swansea Town very shortly! Have fun Simone! She regaled us with one of her own compositions – I miss the sea breezes of …….
14 – Mike started bringing the evening to a close. First of all it was “Save the Last dance for me”…..a lovely song to end with as we all were able to join in! Brilliant last waltz type song! But no!!! Mike was in charge and he said there was time for one more
15 –  and that was the brilliant Steve Earl song – “Copperhead Road”, and did we all bring the conservatory roof down with that song – We all sang, and played, and danced, and drummed. An excellent ending to an excellent evening! See you all again on the third Wednesday, which is Wednesday June 21st, 8 – 10.30 in the Conservatory of the Eyre Court in Seaton! for the next installment of Jurassic Folk!
 Lots of love Pam xxx
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