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Jurassic Folk & Jam. 21st June. ’17

 Thanks this week to Mike for his work as MC, Pam for doing yet again a fabulous report, and June for the photos. Also thanks to
Eyre Court Hotel for the use of the  conservatory, the delicious food they serve, and the lovely staff!!

 Hello folks, Pam Cowell writing the report again this week, and what a lovely Midsummer evening we had at Jurassic Folk, even though it was so hot!

Mike was in charge and took pleasure in ringing his bell for Order! He didn’t do his Walls to Doors impression of an airline hostess this week however!


1- Mike on guitar with Adrian on his magical mandolin started off the proceedings with a beautiful country waltz, -Evangeline –  a very melancholy Emmylou Harris song written by Robbie Robertson…….She stands alone on the banks of the Mississippi……… such a suitable “Cool” song for such a hot night!


2 – Adrian‘s first choice was the very well known ballad “Sometimes when we touch, the honesty’s too much”. This song has been covered by so manyartists from Tammy Wynette to Sting, but Adrian and Mike’s version was awesome! Adrian played guitar and sang the tune, whilst Mike harmonised…….watch out the Everly Brothers!Adrian then said that when in doubt, do a Tom Paxton!!! There’s a message there for all of us. He chose “I can’t help but wonder where I’m bound” ……beautiful!

June & Andrew.

3 – Mike next introduced our very own – The Amycrofters, saying what are their names? Andrew and June of course, but they weren’t here the last time and we did miss them! June first of all reminded us about the Garden Party at their home on Saturday June 1st, starting at 2pm, in aid of Multiple Sclerosis. Fun, games, stalls and entertainment for all ages. Raffle tickets were on sale for us too!

Their first number had Andrew on accordion and June singing and playing Ukulele – A Paul Clayton song with covers by Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly amongst many – ” Gotta Travel on”……..and we were all able to join in and sing!
They followed this with a very skillful instrumental medley in the key of G on accordion and June on keyboard this time, – “Hubbub” by Bryan Bonnet, “March of St. Timothy” by Judy Morningstar, and “Trimbach Threesome” by Duncan Alf Matthews……Wow! Three very different pieces all beautifully played.

 4 – Next was our wonderful soprano Doreen, accompanied by me, Pam, on keyboard. Doreen’s first number was a song written by Cyril Ornadel and


made famous by Matt Monroe, aka the Singing Bus Conductor! – “Portrait of my Love”…..as usual Doreen, you were amazing! Her next song was in memory of Gordon Langford, a well known local composer and arranger who died recently. Gordon used to love hearing Doreen sing this at the lunchtime performances in the Minster at Axminster. – “I have dreamed” from the King and I, so many famous people have sung this wonderful song, including Julie Andrews, Doris Day and Frank Sinatra and now our very own Doreen Blackburn. Again yet another wonderful performance from our soon to be nonagenarian! (she hates people knowing her age, but I think she is wonderful for her age, and will keep mentioning it!!!) Well done Doreen!


5 – Peter Arnold had to follow Doreen!!! – and he did, saying that he was going to play yet another song he had never played before. The very well known Bob Dylan song – “Don’t think twice, it’s alright”. However, his version was not the same as Bob Dylan’s original, he had been inspired by Chris Thile on mandolin and Brad Mehldau on Jazz piano, and how different was that! You can catch it on YouTube folks! Next he played “Summer Time” by George Gershwin, from Porgy and Bess. Such a suitable song for such a hot summer night, and Peter’s version was again so different from the norm, very slow and bluesy, and really Cool!


6 – Steve Mills came next, playing guitar and singing a song recorded by the Irish folk singer Christy Moore in 1984, although it was originally written by the Irish Songwriter Jimmy McCarthy. From Ireland to Scotland. Steve’s second song was a cheeky little number – “Candy” – by the young Scottish singer Paolo Nutini from Paisley, great fun!,….where are you going next Steve? Wales?


7 – Mike then introduced Annie, we all know Annie, she is infamous! Annie started off her set with “One Meat Ball” from the 1940’s, written by Hy Zarat and Lou Singer, and recorded by many many people, although the version which inspired her was by Josh White. It was very bluesy and very poignant…..”.I read the menu through and through, to see what 50 cents could do”…….one meat ball! Then along came Annie’s groupies, Mike on backing vocals!!! and Adrian on guitar!!! They supported Annie with her next number – “When I dream, I dream of you” – by Sandy Mason from 1967 for which she won a Nashville Award in 1980. A beautiful song, beautifully executed by Annie and her Groupies!!!  Excellent, we will all dream on tonight!!!

8 – Val and David from Bridport were next, two fabulous singers and guitar players.

Their first song was so appropriate for the very warm weather, . all about Blossoms, Strawberries, and Sweet Wine….”Today”, by John Denver…..a

David & Val.

million tomorrows shall all pass away, Ere I forget all the joy that is mine today!”  Spine tingling!!!

Then a Randy Sparkes song, “When you say nothing at all”….one of those wonderful songs which you can’t help but join in with the chorus!….and we did!!!  What a very talented couple! Keep making the journey from Bridport please!!!


9 – I (Pam) was next with my version of the Elkie Brookes song -” Pearls a singer.”    But of course my version was a little bit different…..Pam’s not a singer….she stands up when she plays the piano….in a night club,….or the local pub….called the Eyre Court…..every other Wednesday….. at Jurassic Folk….Pam’s not a singer!!!….. And I was very pleased to feel so many of you all joining in!!!

10 – Welcome back to Chris, a very familiar face from the past. Chris started off with a Ralph McTell song, again very appropriate


for the warm weather – “Tequila Sunrise”……and how he can play that guitar! “Tequila sunset, Tequila Sunrise, Let’s put the light back in each other’s eyes.” So nostalgic, dating from 1976! Then, following Adrian’s advice that you can’t go wrong with a Tom Paxton song, another very nostalgic piece. –  “Time to Spare” Chris said that Diane, his good lady, is sick of it! We don’t believe you Chris!…. “I’ve been thinking of you lately. …I’ve been wondering where you are” An excellent choice, and so beautifully performed! Don’t leave it so long to come back to Jurassic Folk, you are so talented, we want more!!!

The second half began with Mike ringing his bell!!! How he loves the power!!!
1 – Mike with Adrian on his so melodic mandolin played a song from the 60’s by the Foundations……”Baby now that I’ve found you”….and if we were able to join in, we did!
2 – Adrian was then taken by surprise that it was his go next…..better than being caught unawares Adrian, said Mike!!! His offering was a John Denver song, “Sorry”…..nothing to be sorry for Adrian, and your finger picking is to die for!!!

June & Ubass.

3 – The Amycrofters were next, with Andrew on accordion, and June this time playing her wonderful brand new bass ukulele!!!! That’s three different instruments the very talented June has played tonight!!! Their set was in G and we were all able to join in with, “My Grandfather’s Clock”, “Jimmy Allen”, “Buffalo Girls”, and the “Winster Gallop”…….Andrew made a joke about June being Vertically challenged, and so that is why she wanted a bass ukulele, rather than a bass guitar!!! Be careful Andrew, all good things come in little packets……even poison!!!!

4 – Doreen’s third song was from the musical Calamity Jane, “The Black Hills of Dakota” immortalised by Doris Day,  and we were again all able to join in with the chorus! Wonderful!
5 – Annie and her groupies, Mike and Adrian on guitar and mandolin were next, singing “Guantanamera”, which apparently is a nickname in Spanish for a peasant girl!, and Annie even sang the song in Spanish!!! the chord sequence was pretty simple, just G, D and A7, so most of us were able to join in and of course, we could all sing the word “Guantanamera”. We were all very satisfied with ourselves!!!
6 – Val and David’s next song was one which they had never ever ever ever  performed before, so we were their guinea pigs!!! Blondie’s “Island of Lost Souls”. Excellent, but too short said Mike, so they had to do another one!
This was a Cyril Tawney song from 1950, very country sounding “Five Foot Flirt”. I thought it was a very Devon Sounding song, but apparently it was written in Norfolk,……You’m a five foot flirt wi’ the face of an angel……..more please!!!
7 – Steve Mills’ next rendition was a duet with our MC Mike, of a song from the 70’s recorded by Neil Young and Emmy Lou Harris called “Star of Bethlehem”…….a bit of a work in Progress!!!….”We’ll work on that Steve, said Mike”!!!


8 – Chris was next performing a song requested by his wife Diane….. from the Music Man, but immortalised by the Beatles, “Till there was you” What a fabulous choice, I actually saw them doing that live in the 60’s, it seemed to be made for Paul McCartney’s voice!

SECONDS said Mike, so Chris dug out a song he did years ago, an Eric Gibb number, But don’t ever let anybody drag your spirit down, slip slip, slide slide,……..Wow!!!
9 – I (Pam) was next and decided that we should pay our own tribute to the victims of the awful fire at the Grenfell tower block, So we all sang “Bridge over Troubled Water” in D with a capo on the first fret! ………If you need a friend, I’m sailing right behind, Like a bridge over troubled water, I will ease your mind…..we all knew it, and we all sang and played,…and we all felt quite emotional xxx
10 – Mike and Adrian led us in the last number, Steve Earl’s “Copperhead Road”…..and we were even louder than last time!!!!
What a brilliant evening!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again on Wednesday July 5th at Jurassic Folk and Jam!!!



Our Faithful Ladies.

Gerrie & Annie.










Talented Hand.

Talented Man.







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